• How to choose a touch screen laptop

      : Saturday 03. of April 2010

      In case you have finally decided to purchase a touch screen laptop we thought it would be nice to offer you some tips on how you should do this in order to obtain the most out of your money. It is nothing too complicated and...

    • Fujitsu LifeBook T1010

      : Saturday 03. of April 2010

      Today we are going to present you a touch screen laptop model that was launched a while ago, but in our opinion still does the job today at a very competitive price. So if you are on the market for a cheap touch screen laptop,...

    • Panasonic Toughbook 52

      : Sunday 21. of March 2010

      Some of us use their touch screen laptops in very difficult conditions and therefore need an extremely resistant one. Don’t know what to choose? Don’t worry, you don’t have too many options because when it comes to super...

    • Fujitsu LifeBook T5010

      : Sunday 21. of March 2010

      In case you are searching the market for one of the best touch screen laptops, we have a suggestion for you. Although it is not one of the latest models from this domain, the Fujitsu LifeBook T5010 can still represent a great...

    • Acer Aspire 5738PG

      : Tuesday 02. of March 2010

      Touch screen laptops are really interesting and a lot of persons have found them very useful because of the new way you can interact with them. However, at the moment, most touch screen models are a bit too expensive for the...

    • Lenovo ThinkPad T400s

      : Tuesday 02. of March 2010

      A lot of persons still don’t have the courage to try a touch screen laptop, thinking that the advantages it brings simply don’t justify the much bigger price that has to be paid for it. But the latest models of touch screen...

    • HP TouchSmart tx2-1275dx

      : Tuesday 19. of January 2010

      If you want to start having fun placing your fingers directly on the screen to drag & drop objects, move and/or resize windows and open files, you should take a look some touch-screen devices. You will also be able to use...

    • Asus Eee PC T91

      : Tuesday 19. of January 2010

      Touchscreen laptops are really starting to gain in popularity these days. If you're interested in purchasing a touch screen laptop, there are plenty of offers out there.  Asus is one of the companies that has managed to...

    • Dell Latitude 2100

      : Tuesday 19. of January 2010

      Touchscreen is still a novelty, yet many companies have shown some potential in the field. Let's take a look at one of the best touchscreen laptops to date. Here we present you the Dell Latitude 2100,  a notebook that is...

    • Fujitsu Lifebook N7010

      : Tuesday 19. of January 2010

      The Fujitsu Lifebook N7010 laptop comes equipped with a secondary screen that was designed as a functional work area. This laptop's first screen is a crisp 16", 16:9 aspect ratio screen while the other is a 4"...

    • Touch Screen Laptop Reviews

      : Tuesday 19. of January 2010

      With the laptop market changing rapidly, laptop reviews can help you make an informed and educated decision about the latest and the best in the field. Good reviews provide unbiased information and testing from experts in the...

    • Touch Screen Computers

      : Tuesday 19. of January 2010

      Fingerprint-scanning, space-saving, touch-integrating - can all these features exist in one computer? Yes, they can - specifically touch screen computers. These computers have been used not only for personal use but also for home...

    • Touch Screen Cell Phones

      : Tuesday 19. of January 2010

      Due to the grand entrance of 3G technology into the new millennium, touch screen cell phones have attracted many Americans with their quick downloading of applications and increased bandwidth availability. Further, as other...

    • Tablet Laptops

      : Tuesday 19. of January 2010

      From the business sector to a classroom setting, laptops are widely used, but what about one that has touch screen capabilities and weighs less than a standard laptop? These computers, called tablet laptops, have features that...

    • Laptops on Sale

      : Tuesday 19. of January 2010

      Buying retail is not always the best route as you shop. Thankfully, a little bit of research online can net you all sorts of deals on touch screen laptops, and as long as you're careful to note the feature set of each particular...

    • HP Touch Screen Laptops

      : Tuesday 19. of January 2010

      HP’s current touch screen laptop, the TouchSmart Tx2 Notebook PC, takes advantage of recently released Windows 7 support for touch-sensitive screens. Pick, flick, scroll, drag, and rotate with your fingers or use a stylus on the...

    • Dual Touch Screen Laptops

      : Tuesday 19. of January 2010

      Dual touch screen laptops may be coming closer to the market as companies vie to produce a reliable machine that hinges, swivels, or slides two touch screens together in a portable package. The dual screen combination expands...

    • Companies That Make Touch Screen Laptops

      : Tuesday 19. of January 2010

      When considering purchasing a touch screen laptop, it is important to know your main purpose for its usage: business or pleasure. There are two main types of touch screen laptops: the notebook and the tablet. The touch screen...

    • Cheap Touch Screen Laptops

      : Tuesday 19. of January 2010

      Touch screen laptops are a glimpse into the future of both electronics and mobile business professionals. With them, convenience and speed are literally at your fingertips! Because they are so new, many touch screen laptops are...

    • Best Touchscreen Laptops

      : Tuesday 19. of January 2010

      Some may be asking themselves, "What is the big deal with touchscreen laptops?" The funny thing is, though, that you have already seen the big deal" with touchscreen computers if you have ever used a kiosk in an...

    • Gigabyte M912M

      : Tuesday 19. of January 2010

      If you're on the market for a notebook that you can use your finger to control you may want to check out the MN12M. Gigabyte’s M912M touchscreen convertible netbook is a very efficient, fun to use machine.


      This unit is powered...

    • Refurbished Laptop Computers

      : Tuesday 19. of January 2010

      The science of rapid depreciation is a complicated one, but taking advantage of it is found in a simple principle. Let somebody else buy a new gadget first, and then grab the refurbished version later on at a steep discount. It...

    • The next Windows and touch screen laptops

      : Tuesday 19. of January 2010

      When it comes to the interface between a computer and the human operator, things have stayed the same for quite a long time. Although nothing is wrong with the way people control computers nowadays, it seems that the ones that...

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